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LETTER: Some gun regs 'common sense'

As a gun owner, former soldier and person raised on a farm where hunting supplemented the food budget, I find NRA propaganda is mythic in proportion.

If "guns don't kill people ..." it stands to reason that they don't save people, either, because, as the National Rifle Association says, they're inanimate objects.

The recent Waffle House shooting and the shooting of Rep. Gabby Giffords and her Arizona constituents show that you don't need "a good guy with a gun" to stop a "bad guy with a gun." In these instances, unarmed bystanders stopped the carnage. The Arizona shooter was thwarted by an old woman who knocked the fresh magazine away while the shooter was tackled by another bystander.

In shootings, seconds count. If the shooter takes time to reload, it's an opportunity for victims to rise up or escape. Of 160 active-shooting incidents, an FBI study found one stopped by a permitted citizen and 21 were stopped by unarmed citizens.

Regulating isn't unconstitutional; the late conservative Justice Scalia opined that guns/ownership can be regulated. Regulations aren't confiscation. Machine guns, automatic weapons, grenades and anti-tank guns, are banned for civilians and haven't ended the Second Amendment. Free speech is First Amendment and is regulated, i.e., You can't yell "Fire!" in a crowded theater. The Constitution doesn't guarantee a right can't be regulated.

A while back, the NRA said: "Obama is going to take your guns!" It didn't happen, but it sure sold a lot of guns for the NRA's biggest constituents (gun manufacturers).

The NRA says the Armalite AR-15 isn't a military weapon and that it is for "deer hunting." The original Armalite AR-15 was developed for the military after a 1957 request by Gen. Willard Wyman, CONARC commander, who wanted a .223 caliber (5.56-millimeter) select-fire rifle weighing 6 pounds when loaded with a 20-round magazine developed for military use. He wanted the 5.56 mm round to penetrate a standard U.S. M1 helmet at 500 yards and have a velocity over the speed of sound, and he wanted it to exceed the body damage ability of the.30 Carbine cartridge. His request resulted in the development of the ArmaLite AR-15 rifle. Eventually, this lead to the fully automatic version: the M16. It isn't for deer hunting; it's for human hunting, and I believe hunting regulations prohibit the use of full metal jacket rounds. Also, the Armalite AR-15 was marketed to law enforcement departments as a "military style tactical weapon."

The reason this weapon is so deadly is the velocity of the bullet and how it tumbles through the body when contact is made.

Let's get passed the propaganda and debate facts. People on terror watch lists, the mentally ill and domestic abusers shouldn't have easy access to gun show weapons. Banning high capacity magazines is common sense. Putting up roadblocks to easy access makes it more likely that a shooter will change his mind or get noticed before they commit carnage.

Sanda Oslin

Sturgeon Lake